What is SKYWORTH 30+ Picture Quality Tuning?


Leading Capabilities and a Commitment to Superior Picture Quality

With over 30 years of experience in picture quality tuning, SKYWORTH has established a professional library of picture quality test sequences that guide engineers to carry out precise tuning. SKYWORTH’s engineers have collected raw materials in aspects such as color, noise, motion, clarity and contrast. The features of 10-gigabyte pictures and 10-terabyte video content were sampled using machine learning, and parameters were optimized based on different types of graphical modeling. After extracting 2,160 structure categories and detailed features, the engineers were able to develop the “SKYWORTH 30+ PICTURE QUALITY TUNING™ Model”. This covers seven dimensions including local dimming, noise reduction, clarity, color, contrast, MEMC and HDR, enabling the auto-adjustment of algorithm parameters according to the visual content.

This is the solid foundation of SKYWORTH TV’s superior picture quality, and the secret behind SKYWORTH Q71’s outstanding 8K picture quality.


Built a professional library of picture quality test sequences

New York

Developed a picture quality tuning model covering seven dimensions

San Francisco

30+ years of picture quality tuning experience


A technology-driven R&D team where engineers are assigned to different modules based on their overall strengths and technology expertise