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The Balance of Mechanical Engineering and Visual Aesthetics

The Balance of Mechanical Engineering and Visual Aesthetics

Diamond Cut Surface

Unique diamond-cut back design delivers a lighter, thinner, and cleaner look.


Boundless Screen

Flat-screen design optimizes the viewing angle and creates an immersive entertainment experience.


Arched Base

Inspired by the classic arch stone bridge in ancient India, the magnificent and simple design conveys the meaning of wisdom and stability.

Seamless Metal Frame

A clean, light and thin look.

Metal Back Cover

A harder and more durable design.

Located in Shenzhen, China, the coocaa Picture Quality Lab is one of the first in the industry to establish a comprehensive professional picture quality test sequence library, covering 166 different dimensions to guide engineers to fine-tune picture quality.
Engineers collected and produced materials across different dimensions, including color, noise, motion, sharpness, and contrast. With the support of machine learning, they sampled 10GB of pictures (approximately 10,000 pieces) and 10TB of videos (approximately 3,000 HD movies).
By optimizing parameters through graphic modelling, 2,160 categories of structural features and details were extracted. Eventually, engineers developed a picture quality adjustment model covering seven dimensions, including local dimming, noise reduction, sharpness, color, contrast, MEMC and HDR to deliver automatic adjustment of algorithm parameters according to picture content.

HD-Ready Display

HDTV Experience Delivery

HDMI-based HDTV signal input delivers DTV (Digital TV) programs seamlessly.

Local Contrast

Outstanding Details and Improved Picture Quality

The local contrast technology divides the screen into approx. 100 zones to deliver outstanding details. With dynamic algorithms, picture contrast is improved, depth is enhanced, and colors are optimized for stunning, true-to-life visuals.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Intelligent Noise Reduction For a Cleaner Picture

The Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology distinguishes between noise and signals, successfully reducing noise to deliver high quality and detailed images without image/information demages.

A More Immersive Experience
with Surround Sound

The two 10W high-power single speakers create an enhanced surround sound effect for you to enjoy an immersive audio experience.

Thrilling Dolby
Sound Effect

Audio signals are encoded and decoded by Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus. This automatically optimizes the audio of movies, TV shows, music, and games, delivering a richer, clearer, and more breath-taking audio experience.


Lite Web OS    |    
Half-screen Pop-up Design
CC Cast    |    Swaiot Home    |    CC Plus


More Apps to
Choose From

Choose from a wide variety of apps to enjoy top-quality content and a perfect home audio-visual experience!

Comprehensive, Integrated Streaming Platform

Enjoy global and local most popular entertainment content with real-time updates on CC Plus, the comprehensive integrated streaming platform supported by Coolita OS. Customize the recommendation according to your personal preference, check out your favorite shows with just a click. Check out CC Plus to enjoy Clip TV, FPT, VTV, Line TV, Hungama, ZEE5 and more exciting entertainment content.


Surf the Internet
on the Big Screen

With a built-in Browser, you can browse any webpage to access entertainment on the big screen at any time, including movies, TV shows, music, gaming and more.

Creates bookmarks conveniently

Provides a list of frequently visited webpages

Supports wired and wireless high-speed network

Keeps browsing history

Supports online video playing

Supports USB mouse usage

Cloud Games

Big-screen Gaming Experience

Pre-installed with lots of Cloud Games in various categories, including puzzles, strategy, action, elimination, shooting, parkour and sports. Save the hassle of app downloading and minimize the memory usage. An all new big-screen gaming experience is just a simple click away.

Eye Protection Mode

Free Your Eyes from Discomfort and Enjoy the Experience

The built-in Eye Protection Mode reduces the emission of harmful blue light and keeps the screen in a stable, low blue light state. This eliminates eye strain and fatigue, providing you a more comfortable and enjoyable watching experience.

Data Saver

Precise Monitoring and Safe Use

Real-time data reminder to easily control data usage, no matter you are watching TV shows and movies, or playing online games. The apps including YouTube can also adjust the clarity of pictures and videos according to the network connection status.

Game Mode

Gaming Latency of ≤20 ms

You can manually switch to the low-latency game mode to achieve a latency of ≤20 ms, when connecting a game console via HDMI or joining a cloud game. It effectively reduces the motion blur of a high-speed moving picture and creates a clean high-speed picture, bringing you an enjoyable gaming experience.

Network-free Screen Projection

Even without Internet connection, you can project onto the big screen from any Android device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet). Simply connect to the local area network (LAN) transmitted from the TV. Enjoy unlimited audio-visual, entertainment, and gaming experiences.

Network-free Screen Projection

Even without Internet connection, you can project onto the big screen from any Android device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet). Simply connect to the local area network (LAN) transmitted from the TV. Enjoy unlimited audio-visual, entertainment, and gaming experiences.

Smart Life Starts Here

Enter the era of boundless smart life experiences. Scan a QR code generated by a coocaa TV with your mobile phone and log into the Swaiot Home Mobile Smart Home Control Center. Your mobile phone can then remotely control the TV and your IoT-enabled smart home devices.

Smart Remote

Audio-visual Entertainment in the Palm of Your Hand

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with the simple and user-friendly Smart Remote. With only 16 function keys, you can access all your favorite content platforms, such as YouTube 2021, Browser, and CC Cast, with just the click of a button.

Product Specifications

  • Brief Information

  • Product Name

    Operation System

    Product Size


    Product Category

  • S3U

    Coocaalita OS




  • Configuration ( Configuration )

  • Configuration

  • CPU




  • A35*4




  • Display ( Set )

  • Set

  • Set Brightness (nit)(Typ.)

    Color Gamut

    Full Screen

    Anti Blue Light

    Refresh Frequency

    Game Mode

  • 200

    68% NTSC (CIE1931)





  • Audio System ( Audio Enhancement )

  • Audio Enhancement




  • Surround


    Dolby Digital (Decoder)

    Dolby Digital plus (Decoder)

  • Yes




  • Audio System ( Speaker )

  • Speaker

  • Audio Output Power (RMS)

    Main Speaker Direction

    Speaker Number

  • 2*10W



  • AC Power

  • AC Power

  • Working Frequency

    Wi-Fi Solution

    Wake on LAN/Wake on WLAN

    Wi-Fi Support Type

  • 2.4G




  • Terminals ( Input )

  • Input




  • Tuner




  • 1

    2 (1.4)

    1 (2.0)


  • Terminals ( Output )

  • Output

  • Composite

  • 1

Pack up