Persist in Your Dreams
From Good to Excellent
The dedicated exploration of an outstanding entrepreneur has led to the rise of a brand with a legacy of more than 30 years of technological innovation, bringing a high-quality healthy technological lifestyle to millions of consumers around the globe. SKYWORTH is now an internationally renowned technology brand. From the first healthy flicker-free TV, first HD flatscreen TV, first 4K TV, first OLED TV and mass production of 8K TVs to today's first Chip-on-Glass MiniLED TV and Wallpaper TV, SKYWORTH has created numerous "miracles" in the industry. Today, a new generation of SKYWORTH staff persists in upholding the spirit of "Be Innovative, Be Bold", continues to create and lead the future in the 5G+8K era, accelerates the R&D and implementation of new technologies, new products and new models.
There are only a few chances in life when we fight for dreams. I took my chances and reaped the benefits – growing from an educated grassroots youth to a leader in the home appliance industry. Through perseverance, I have created a life-changing legacy. A life full of vicissitudes and difficulties has trained up my persistent mindset and courageous attitude. During the three decades of entrepreneurship, I have overcome challenges and fulfilled my dream step by step. I will continue to chase my dream and expand my business territory, as long as there is just a drop of adventure in my blood. For SKYWORTH, 5G+8K technology will be our growth engine in the next 10 years. Under the leadership and efforts of next-generation SKYWORTH staff, I hope that SKYWORTH can elevate the brand to the next level and writing the next chapter in history.
Founder of SKYWORTH: Stephen Wong
Smiling through Peaks and Troughs
Be Innovative, Be Bold to Scale Great Heights
Smiling through Peaks and Troughs, Be Innovative
Be Bold to Scale Great Heights
A Steadfast Color TV Dream
Began with a Football Match Broadcast
From being inspired by a football match broadcast on TV during college to writing his graduation thesis Design of Black-and-White TV, Mr. Stephen Wong (Huang Hongsheng) embarked on his unwavering destiny in the TV industry. Before graduating from university, he pledged to establish a successful company comparable to Sony and Panasonic.
Adhering to Pure and Persistent Passion
From the EMP.&EXP. of electronic products to the production of remote controls, and finally to entering the manufacturing industry, after experiencing ups and downs throughout his career, Mr. Wong still has a fervent enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Under his belief, "don't wait for the right opportunity; create it," he took a leap of faith into a TV industry that still lacked high-tech resources at the time.
Establishing SKYWORTH in 1988
Along with the reform and opening-up policy and following the development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, SKYWORTH leads the steady development of China's TV industry as it gradually transforms into a pioneer of the big-screen Artificial Intelligence of Things.
Pondering the Development Journey
How do we meet our users’ continuous pursuit of a higher-quality life? How can we uphold the Shenzhen spirit in the new era of "daring to try, open and inclusive, pragmatic and law-abiding, pursuing excellence," and find a "path to Huashan Mountain" for SKYWORTH?
Be Innovative, Be Bold
Standing by quality and standing out through innovation, from LCD to OLED and MiniLED, and from 4K to 8K, SKYWORTH jumps from isolated data islands, connects thousands of visions and creates a better life with its users.