Dare to Breakthrough with Passion
Juventus: Live ahead for 123 years

Juventus enjoys 123 years of excellence and glory.
Daring to be the first,
we are undeterred by ups and downs.
Born to be trailblazers,
we fight with passion and wisdom.
With ambition, we shall #LiveAhead.

Be Innovative and Be Bold to Reach New Heights
SKYWORTH embodies the spirit of “Be Innovative, Be Bold”,
exploring possibilities and breaking the boundaries.
With meaningful innovations,
we optimize experiences and put consumers first.
Leading the industry, we shall #LeadTheFuture.

The cross-industry collaboration between

SKYWORTH and Juventus

stems from the strongly resonating brand spirits:

We dare to be the first, continuing to surpass and lead.
With a daring spirit,
we shall achieve breakthroughs and set new standards,
leading changes in the future.
“We chose to lead the way.
This is how we shall live ahead.”

SKYWORTH × Juventus