Be Astonished by the Beauty of SKYWORTH Q70, the First MiniLED TV by SKYWORTH

SKYWORTH Q70 Key Visual - Product


The first MiniLED TV by SKYWORTH


Over the past two years, MiniLED TV’s have continued to increase in popularity, especially in the area of 8K models with super large screen sizes (more than 75 inches). But what is all the excitement about? MiniLED technology has high brightness, wide color gamut and high dynamic contrast ratio, enabling its picture quality to align with that of an OLED screen as close as possible, giving viewers an enhanced viewing experience at an affordable price.

To bring consumers a better audiovisual experience, SKYWORTH has launched the SKYWORTH Q70 series, SKYWORTH’S first ever MiniLED TV. SKYWORTH Q70 is the first TV in the industry to be equipped with a NCSP MiniLED light board, which has a 1010 LED encapsulation size of only 1.0mm x 1.0mm. It not only alleviates the current high cost of COB (Chip-on-Board) light boards, but it is also more compact than the 3528 and 2016 LED encapsulations commonly used in the industry, achieving even greater precise light control.


SKYWORTH Q70 Key Visual - Emotional


Creating Premium LCD Picture Quality Leveraging Module Technology and Picture Quality Technology


Considering the ultra-thin shape of the product, the module adopts an OD6mm design with an overall brightness of 1500nits (peak), 100% color gamut, and a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, creating a similar overall picture quality to OLED, the premium in LCD picture quality. It delivers true-to-life visual experiences, bringing consumers the ultimate visual experience.


Advanced Encapsulation Technology and Micron-scale LED Chips


As an industry leader with cutting-edge technologies, SKYWORTH first embarked on the development of MiniLED TVs in 2018. It set out to create four types of MiniLED solutions that adopt various encapsulation and scanning methods. By continuing to innovate, combined with years of industry experience and in-depth analysis of industry trends, SKYWORTH finalized the best MiniLED solutions for SKYWORTH Q70. There are three solutions for the 65-inch model: from an initial 2016 encapsulation solution with 113,400 backlights to two 100,800-light COB solutions in static and scanning forms respectively. It then went on to develop a 1010 solution with static NCSP technology that features 15,120 lights for the 75-inch model exclusively.

Compared with traditional backlit LCD TVs, the SKYWORTH Q70 MiniLED TV features micron-level LED chips, which is an order of magnitude smaller in size, enabling it to deliver more delicate pictures. To adapt to a wider range of scenarios, the SKYWORTH Q70 MiniLED TV is equipped with a hundredfold of LED chips compared to that of traditional LCD TVs of the same screen size. As a result, the light output of the SKYWORTH Q70 MiniLED TV is more refined and evenly distributed, bringing an outstanding backlight effect and an exceptionally high level of controllable accuracy. 

To fully demonstrate the MiniLED backlight advantage, 288 dimming zones have been built into the 86-inch SKYWORTH Q70 MiniLED TV to allow individual control on each dimming zone. It pushes the brightness contrast to its limit, resulting in purer black color and more extreme white color.


More Precise Light Control in Dimming Zones 


A MiniLED display needs to integrate a large number of LED on a small surface area. From the perspective of production and safety, the size of each light board has a limit, and the horizontal thrust requirement of each encapsulated LED chip is also limited, so when it comes to TV production, a MiniLED display must be formed by connecting several light boards together. This means that the precise alignment of the light boards, the elimination of gaps between light boards, and the avoidance of damage to the LED chips during light board lamination pose serious challenges to the highly precise production of the SKYWORTH Q70 MiniLED display.

To overcome these challenges, SKYWORTH adopted a multi-point compound pressure lamination technology that leverages double-sided glue and special resin glue to ensure the stability and flatness of the laminated light boards. The team also tested several different jigs to find the perfect one that ensures the light boards are laminated in the right alignment, while keeping the MiniLED chips unharmed. In addition, the team finally adopted supplementary reflective strips to avoid the influence of light board gaps on visual effect, after testing more than 10 different options. All those measures were carried out to strictly retain the delicate characteristics of the SKYWORTH Q70 MiniLED display. 


A Thousand Days of Hard Work – From Zero to Excellence


In 2018, SKYWORTH commenced developing the MiniLED TV technology from scratch. In the next three years, it worked closely with manufacturers on the development of different technologies and participated in various technology seminars. SKYWORTH continued to optimize the product to ensure the highest level of quality, by collaborating with partners to identify flaws and problems, refining prototypes, and undergoing product innovation.

Year by year, SKYWORTH’s technology improved, with the LED technology gradually approaching the concept of MiniLED, and the picture quality advancing to reach that of OLED.

In 2021, following over a thousand days and nights of tireless efforts and advanced technology, the all-new SKYWORTH Q70 series was born.