SKYWORTH W82 Tranformable OLED TV: The Incredible and Ingenious SKYWORTH OBM Transform Technology

SKYWORTH W82 Emotional Key Visual


The Secret Recipe for SKYWORTH’s first ever OLED Transformable Feature 


Revolutionising the TV industry, SKYWORTH W82 is the first transformable OLED TV created by SKYWORTH and the first ever mass produced transformable OLED TV available for consumers to purchase. Inspired by the curves of the moon, the screen transforms its shape with ease, moving from a flatscreen TV and flexing to a curved screen depending on your viewing mode. The transformable feature creates an all-new TV experience and exemplifies the ethos of visionary technology. 


SKYWORTH W82 Product Key Visual


Self-developed Flexible Screen Equipped with SKYWORTH OBM Transform™ Makes OLED Transformable TV possible


In order to meet the needs of e-sports players and create a superior TV viewing experience for everyone to enjoy, the SKYWORTH W82 R&D team were determined to produce a transformable OLED TV. With strong ambitions, the R&D team began to prepare various technical solutions and patent applications. Yet, during the early stages of product development, the team encountered a series of complex challenges and technical difficulties.

As a transformable OLED TV that can be viewed flat out and curved, the first thing to solve was how to create the transformable form of the screen. Choosing the right kind of backplane materials for the perfect lamination with the OLED screen became the top priority during the R&D process.

After countless nights of hard work by the SKYWORTH W82 design team on different design combinations, adjusted and optimized solutions and repeated tests on 4 backplane materials, they finally decided on a high-tension and high-yield-strength backplane material, enabling the flexibility of the screen without sacrificing its solid foundation In order to achieve the ideal flatness of the backplane, the design team made repeated modifications and adjustments to the mold and carried out repeated tests of the backplane bounce etc., which allowed the backplane materials to be at the optimal form, whilst the fully automated lamination technology eliminate displacement issues of the glass and the backplane as the screen transforms its shape.

The SKYWORTH team has ensured the reliability and durability of the transformable screen under extreme conditions of high temperature and high humidity, with the final SKYWORTH W82 achieving an expected lifespan of over 10 years and able to withstand more than 20,000 times of normal usage. 


Electric bending mechanism, the source of OLED transformation


Having a flexible OLED screen with a variable curvature is far from enough – an electric bending mechanism is also required in order to drive the flexible screen to perform straightening and bending motions. After countless trial and error selecting the right material to use, the austenitic stainless-steel bending mechanism was eventually settled, which has favorable corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and bending performance. The specifically designed multi-stage low-noise reduction gearbox, equipped with a self-locking function, can further provide a powerful kinetic energy greater than 450KGF.CM for the bending mechanism. In order to reduce the friction between the parts, which allows the noise decibel to reach that of the library level, the team also repeatedly conducted tests on the assembly precision of the bending mechanism. The high-speed, brushless hall motor, which only produces minimal noises, at the same time can ensure the stability and accuracy of the bending motion.


Precisely Carved Fish-Scale Shaped Telescopic Rear Shell


The inspiration of the TV rear shell design originates from a cavorting fish in water – the transformable screen of SKYWORTH W82 resonates the structure of a fish scale, which facilitates smooth bending movements of a fish when it is in water. The fish-scale shaped telescopic rear shell design perfectly demonstrates the two forms of flatscreen and curved-screen, as the problem of displacement between the back shell and the screen body when it is bent and deformed has been solved, so that the whole screen body can be stretched and contracted freely.

What comes afterwards is the abnormal noise and size discrepancies produced during the bending and straight motions, which the team underwent countless revamps to eradicate the problems. To deal with the size discrepancies, there are extremely strict size requirements for the fish scales, along with excellence in high-precision mold manufacturing and injection molding. A total of 37 fish scales are used for splicing, and the size accuracy of each fish scale is required to be controlled within +/-0.05mm in order to achieve the most ideal splicing state. Furthermore, a special paint process is adopted to improve the abnormal noise caused by friction during the movement of fish scales.


SKYWORTH OBM Transform™ Creates SKYWORTH’s First OLED Transformable TV


After undergoing countless revamps and modifications, the OLED transformable TV, with variable curvature, was finally launched. The transformable OLED screen is equipped with 1000R smart bending technology, enabling the TV to adjust its curvature according to the best audience viewing distance of 3.5m to 1m. It also provides best viewing curvature of 2000R in movie viewing mode and 1500R in gaming mode, combined with exceptional sound and picture quality. The curved screen delivers pictures with a deeper depth of field, creating the ultimate-immersive audio and visual experience.

Only with SKYWORTH OBM Transform, can SKYWORTH’s first OLED Transformable TV – SKYWORTH W82 – be created.