coocaa OS 8
A Massive Performance Upgrade in Line with The Future

As the first model to feature the new coocaa OS 8, SKYWORTH Q71’s massive system upgrade brings users an unprecedented visual and interactive experience. Featuring a homepage with a minimalistic design and a card-based user interface, the system is perfect for future-oriented AI entertainment, cross-screen interactions and smart home applications.

The Perfect Home System
for Karaoke Enthusiasts

coocaa OS 8 aggregated a large amount of audio content, meeting users’ needs in listening, singing and learning comprehensively. Song requests can made by voice commands without even entering the music application itself, or by scanning QR codes with a smartphone. One’s living room can instantly become a karaoke box.

Real-time Video Messages Let Your Love and Thoughts Be Seen

With a “Family Message Board” dedicated to sharing special moments with family members, you can leave real-time video messages on the TV using your smartphone when you are out of home. coocaa OS 8 supports this new video messaging function, so you can record amazing moments with your smartphones and share to SKYWORTH Q71 at home in real time. Let your family experience the moments you are living with a supreme 8K quality, as if they are there with you.

"Play The Banker"

Wake word-free System Voice Control3
If You Can Get Things Done with One Phrase,
Why Use a Sentence?

SKYWORTH Q71 supports system voice control without requiring users to say specific wake words to trigger the system. Users can leverage pre-set voice commands to cover scenarios and instructions that occur frequently. Almost all operations previously done with a remote control can be executed via the upgraded version of TrensAI VOICE. The system can intelligently identify scenarios and determine if it should respond, effectively reducing the possibility of accidentally awakening the system.

Coordinated Responses from Multiple Devices3
Avoid Repeated Responses from One Command5

The newly upgraded TrensAI VOICE enables better voice interaction with multiple devices. When there is a SKYWORTH Q71, a Swaiot PANEL and other devices in the same room, the cloud platform can intelligently recognize voice commands and instruct the appropriate device to respond.

"Play Star Wars:The Rise of Skywalker"

"Switch on the robot vacuum cleaner"

Personal Voice Assistant that Knows
You Better with Time

The newly upgraded TrensAI VOICE achieves a seamless and consistent voice experience across devices (SKYWORTH Q71, Swaiot PANEL, and smartphone5 ) based on a user account. The cloud platform accumulates your voice habits and accurately provides you with the desired responses and services, acting as a personal voice assistant that understands you the best.

"Turn on the airconditioner"

"Set an alarm at 4:30pm to remind me to collect my delivery"

"Recommend newly released movies"

"Search for sci-fi movies"

Upgraded Family Portrait Save the Best Gathering MomentsForever in Photo Albums

The Family Portrait function that is popular among users has also been upgraded on SKYWORTH Q71. After taking photos, you can print them or save them on your smartphone by scanning the QR code; you can also directly save them to the TV album or upload them to a cloud album for sharing with 3 family and friends.

Ultra-clear Six-party Video CallsGet Together on the Big Screen Like in Real Life

During a family gathering, you can take a great family portrait. When the family is apart, try a video call. SKYWORTH Q71 supports 1080P high-definition video calls, where users can answer the call using the SKYWORTH Q71 or their smartphones. It supports video access of up to six users simultaneously, so more people can catch up together on the screen.

Supports Swaiot and Works with Swaiot PANEL:
Enjoy Smart Living with Technologies
Swaiot has made intelligent connections possible, creating a big-screen hub where users can view, control and manage Swaiot devices around their homes from their TVs. By connecting to the Swaiot PANEL, SKYWORTH Q71 further extends the AIoT applications and far-field cross-screen interactions.