SKYWORTH endorses AIoT adoption with SKYWORTH 408 Global TV Festival promotions

2019/04/30 15:47:31

SKYWORTH endorses AIoT adoption with 

SKYWORTH 408 Global TV Festival promotions

Shenzhen, China – April 4, 2019 – SKYWORTH, the pioneer in big-screen AIoT and a leading global television brand, announced today the launch of the 408 SKYWORTH Global TV Festival. On the 11 consecutive days from 8th April, consumers can enjoy special offers with every purchase of SKYWORTH television sets, as well as televisions from subsidiary brands such as COOCAA and SINOTEC. 

In a recent event in Beijing titled “Racing to the Future”, SKYWORTH announced a bold new strategy to redefine the smart home by offering AIoT products to households. With consumers around the world bringing home more and more internet-connected devices, SKYWORTH has identified televisions as the centerpiece of them all. SKYWORTH has created its proprietary technologies, Swaiot™ and TrensAI™, which will transform televisions into intelligent AIoT hubs.

To speed up the “race” to the future, SKYWORTH will make various offers to consumers worldwide, through both physical stores and SKYWORTH’s online sales platforms, to help make homes smarter, more convenient, and more interconnected than ever. The promotion period of SKYWORTH 408 Global TV Festival is from 8th April to 18th April. 

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SKYWORTH Digital Holdings Limited (HKG: 0751) is a leading supplier of uniquely advanced and affordable technology solutions. It is valued in excess of USD 19 billion and employs over 40,000 people worldwide (as of 1 March 2019). Headquartered in Shenzhen, China’s‘Silicon Valley’, SKYWORTH offers consumer electronics, display devices, digital set-top boxes, security monitors, network communication, semi-conductors, refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones and LED lighting. Founded in 1988, it is now one of the top five Color TV brands in the world and a top brand in Chinese display industry market. It is also a top three global provider of the Android TV platform. 

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