Recently, there have been online conversations concerning the illegal acquisition of SKYWORTH TV user data by an application named "Gozen Service". We have immediately disabled the application concerned across all SKYWORTH TV products and conducted a thorough investigation into the incident.

"Gozen Service" is developed and operated fully by Beijing Gozen Data Technology Co. Ltd. (Gozen Data). There was a business collaboration between Gozen Data and Shenzhen Kukai Network Technology Co. Ltd. (Coocaa), a subsidiary of Shenzhen Chuangwei-RGB Electronic Co. Ltd. (SKYWORTH TV). The collaboration was limited to the surveying of domestic TV program ratings in Mainland China on a sampling basis. The violations beyond this scope were not approved nor authorized by SKYWORTH TV.

The violation is strongly against SKYWORTH TV’s core value of putting users first. SKYWORTH’s Coocaa has sent a written statement to Gozen Data and immediately terminated the partnership, as well as requested a full erasure of illegally obtained data of SKYWORTH TV users. 

SKYWORTH TV is grateful to the users who have brought this to our attention. Moving forward, we will implement more stringent reviews on the conduct of our partners and service providers to safeguard our users’ privacy, data, rights, and interests. 

Shenzhen Chuangwei - RGB Electronic Co. Ltd.