SKYWORTH Takes Livestreaming to the Next Level at the Online Canton Fair | Skyworth


Shenzhen, China – June 24, 2020 – SKYWORTH today concluded its livestream series at the 127th Canton Fair. During the session, SKYWORTH unveiled the endless possibilities of smart home ecosystems, introducing a range of cutting-edge new products.

The final livestream kicked off with the debut of the SKYWORTH 88-inch OLED vertical TV which features an Ultra High Definition 8K screen and a 5.1.2 surround sound system. With the ability to rotate 90 degrees to portrait mode, the 88-inch OLED vertical TV is ideal for mirroring smartphone content.

SKYWORTH also introduced the new W81 Pro Wallpaper TV, which has an artistic split-screen design, offering users an enhanced viewing experience. This super-slim TV comes complete with a 21-inch secondary display which supports AOD Dual technology. 


Tony Wang , Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV



Another highlight during the livestream was the introduction of its industry-leading OLED TV, the SKYWORTH S81 Pro, which delivers immersive sound for the ultimate home cinema experience. Featuring SKYWORTH’s proprietary Chameleon AI picture quality technology, which analyzes object details based on AI algorithms and adjusts the color in real time, the S81 Pro offers enhanced image quality on every level.

To give viewers a deeper understanding of the brand, SKYWORTH shared a behind-the-scenes look at its headquarters in Shenzhen, including aerial footage of its production line. SKYWORTH’s designers also revealed the secrets behind the most innovative functions and cutting-edge technologies of SKYWORTH televisions, including OLED Basic Modules (OBM), AI PQ, and Wonder Audio Sky Echo. To further enrich and elevate the livestream experience, SKYWORTH built a 360-degree virtual showroom with a 3D product display feature, and an exclusive virtual VIP conference room which allowed the audience to interact with and try out SKYWORTH’s latest products virtually.

Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV, Tony Wang took part in a number of engaging Q&A sessions over the course of the livestream series, chatting to everyone from music stars to online influencers and tech professionals about the brand and its core values.

Following the successful series of online events, SKYWORTH will continue to use livestreaming to promote its products and services. SKYWORTH’s General Managers in various regions will also collaborate with online influencers, using the brand’s extensive social media resources to propel clients’ livestreams. As an industry pioneer, SKYWORTH will continue to explore, promote, and actively take part in the development of livestreaming. To further support its clients, SKYWORTH will continue to use innovative, state-of-the-art technologies and efficient, cutting-edge solutions to empower its customers, transforming livestreaming into a tool for developing real market leadership.