SKYWORTH Brings State-of-the-Art Tech Directly to Consumers Through 2020 Canton Fair | Skyworth

Shenzhen, China – June 15, 2020 – SKYWORTH, China’s leading TV brand and a global pioneer of big screen AIoT, today announced its debut at the 127th Canton Fair. Streaming live from its broadcasting studio in Shenzhen, the brand will be sharing an update on its latest pioneering innovations and advancements in technology with the rest of the world.


To kick off proceedings, the livestream will begin with an extensive tour of SKYWORTH’s headquarters, including an exclusive access-all-areas sneak peek of SKYWORTH’s product showroom, R&D labs and design studios. To deliver a revolutionary virtual experience, while maintaining zero physical contact, drones were used to shoot aerial footage, offering viewers a stunning close-up view of SKYWORTH’s grounds.


Following the tour, a product manager from SKYWORTH will introduce the latest additions to its advanced TV line-up, including its groundbreaking 8K vertical TV and the ultra-slim OLED wallpaper TV, which is just 4.6mm at its slimmest point.


Over the next nine days, SKYWORTH will be bringing everything from its production line to a message from its CEO straight to people’s homes, allowing viewers to discover more about the cutting-edge technologies powering SKYWORTH televisions. The exciting content line-up includes a session with SKYWORTH’s leading design team, who will be sharing behind-the-scenes stories about the development of its products and a discussion with  Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV, who will be on hand to personally answer questions from consumers around the world.


Founded in 1988, SKYWORTH is a leading supplier of uniquely advanced and affordable technology solutions. In addition to expanding its business across APAC, SKYWORTH set up a manufacturing site in South Africa in 2005 and has now set its sights on further international expansion. Since its first appearance at the Canton Fair in 2009, SKYWORTH has been a regular fixture at the event, hosting 22 consecutive sessions for attendees. During that time, the company’s annual sales overseas have grown from over RMB 1 billion to RMB 10 billion, as SKYWORTH has shifted from the globalization of its products to the globalization of its technology solutions.


The 2020 Canton Fair is an opportunity for viewers to delve further into the world of SKYWORTH and learn more about its latest products. With a growing audience of overseas buyers, attendees have witnessed SKYWORTH’s successful entry into the global marketplace, transitioning from a brand being associated as being "Made in China" to "Engineered in China".


To join SKYWORTH’s livestream events and discover more about its state-of-the-art technology, visit https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-03df-08d7ed79a759/live.