AI Picture Quality Expert: Creating A Fantastic
Video Display Experience in Your Living Room

SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE is the self-developed AI picture quality optimization solution by SKYWORTH. It optimizes the picture quality of each frame in real time by searching, identifying and re-structuring pictures with AI technology, and includes Super Resolution (SR), Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC), Noise Reduction (NR), Depth-Bit Precision Contour Smoothing (DPCS), Auto Color Management (ACM), scenario-based AI image quality optimization and other functions*. It is able to achieve the same level of picture quality optimization as the SKYWORTH Chameleon Extreme AI chip. It comes in 4K and 8K versions to cater for 4K and 8K TVs respectively.

*The actual TV may include some or all of the functions. Please check the specific model to confirm.
Delivering Supreme Clarity for Users to Enjoy
Super Resolution (SR)
SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE analyzes and compares the lower-resolution signals with its database of 10GB images and 10TB videos in real time. Leveraging super-recursive algorithms via machine learning, it can restore distorted picture details through texture creation, edge-based image restoration and noise reduction, and thus delivering ultra-high-definition videos of close to 4K or 8K resolutions in real time.
Clearer Motion Pictures with No Latency
Motion Estimate and Motion- Compensation (MEMC)
SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE can predict and compensate the current partial picture by referencing previous partial pictures. It inserts new frames for motion compensation into the existing picture sequence, making the movement clearer and smoother. What sets the MEMC function of SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE apart from the rest of the market is its advanced functionality, such as small object protection, halo elimination, complex scene protection, fast-moving object recognition and more, as well as its ability to deal with complex motion pictures at ease.
A Splendid Vision from Accurate Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction (NR)
SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE supports pixel-level image recognition. Through conversion of video signal dimension, the engine analyzes and tracks the individual movement trajectory of the target object in real time within a time-spatial domain that is three times larger than that of the traditional 3D-IIR frequency-planar filter. By separating moving objects from the background noises, it is able to carry out accurate noise reduction without damaging picture details.
Eliminating Color Banding and Delivering Smoother Color Transitions
Depth-bit Precision Contour Smoothing (DPCS)
By conducting partial compression and reverse analysis to address color banding, SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE is able to increase the bit depth by 2 to 16 times, as well as adjust the compensation range automatically based on in real-time motion. It effectively increases bit depth and eliminates color banding and compression distortion, resulting in smooth color transitions in the picture.
Presenting More Natural and Authentic Pictures via Precise Pixel-Level Control
Auto Color Management (ACM)
Equipped with SKYWORTH AI PCITURE QUALITY ENGINE, the Auto Color Management (ACM) technology is able to adjust the color (64 levels), brightness (8 levels) and saturation (12 levels) of each pixel. With a refined color control mechanism, it achieves 6144 pixel-level color adjustments and generates pictures with true to life authentic and natural colors.
Bluer Skies, Greener Grasses and More Natural Skin Colors
Scenario-based AI Image Quality Optimization
SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE supports a range of AI functions to enhance picture quality, including identification of human faces and scenarios, color saturation optimization, and compensation in brightness, sharpness, and motion vector. After detecting objects such as the sky, grasslands, architectures and human faces in the pictures, it carries out AI optimization in real time, delivering bluer skies, greener grasses, clearer architectural details, and softer and more natural skin tones. In particular, the color contrast of the detected human faces can be further enhanced by Local Contrast technology, which can also bring about a skin beautification effect.
AI Matrix Dimming Dimming zone-based lightcontrol function
There are hundreds of direct-lit LED backlight zones, with each zone independently controlled. Thanks to AI Matrix Dimming technology, the AI recognizes the content of the picture frame by frame and adapts the best lighting in real time. As a result, the brightness of each picture is more distinct, creating a clearer visual experience. (*Several models support advanced functions.)
AI HDR Boost Visible light and shadow in every minute
As a leading technology brand, SKYWORTH TV is one of the few technology companies in the world that can customize OLED screen parameters. By simulating visual experiences from our natural surroundings, SKYWORTH AI HDR Boost can control the OLED panels automatically, driving electric currents to double the optimal brightness of the partial picture * and expand the dynamic range of the picture to give full potential to the "maximum contrast" of the OLED screen, creating the perfect viewing contrast for users. (*"Doubling the optimal brightness of the partial picture" is the test data of SKYWORTH laboratory, please refer to the actual product.)