SKYWORTH AUDIO Acoustic Technology
A more realistic sound experience

Good sound effects require good acoustic technology and a solid sound system to achieve perfection. SKYWORTH AUDIO is the industry's leading acoustic technology, which integrates three key modules including sound effects, core acoustic technology and sound system, and is committed to bringing a more realistic and superior sound experience to consumers around the world.





Bringing you live scenes

The live sound effects of SKYWORTH AUDIO LIVE completely remove the limitations from soundtrack hardware. Through algorithmic modeling and mono channel, you can also enjoy the flowing sound effects around you, making you feel like you at a live event. SKYWORTH AUDIO LIVE can also intelligently identify human voices and bass sound in the audio signal in real time and perform enhancement processing to make the dialogue clearer and the bass more vibrant.
Virtual Surround Sound | Low Bass Enhancement | Vocal Enhancement

Sound Field technology

Thanks to the self-developed SKYWORTH AUDIO SKY ECHO sound field technology, SKWORTH takes the lead in the industry, building "sky echo" into its groundbreaking TVs. With “sky echo”, the sound is reflected from the ceiling, creating live scenes in your living room, like rain, flying planes and birds singing. With precise directional technology, the sky sound field creates an immersive listening experience.

Realize the sky sound
field through SoundBar

Through the "small backpack"
patent design, the sky sound
field is built into the TV

*Patent no: 201720478368.8
(*Close-up of "Small Backpack" with picture Q60)

Professional Subwoofer built into TV

There are two challenges to overcome when developing a built-in subwoofer – how to build a large volume bass cavity into an ultra-thin TV? And how to reduce the vibrations caused by the large amplitude and strong strength produced by subwoofer? Through acoustic technology innovation, with a customized subwoofer and TV back panel ID, SKYWORTH have achieved both the heavy bass effect and slim design. At the same time, the guide tube technology is used to minimize the vibration of the machine.
SKYWORTH AUDIO DRUM is a built-in subwoofer, enabling SKYWORTH TVs to easily achieve a low bass effect like a real subwoofer, with high-quality features including an independent power amplifier, long-stroke speakers, ultra-low bass, and ultra-high power. The professional-level technologies create a superior and thick bass sound, enhancing every single detail. Moreover, the built-in subwoofer does not have a time delay when compared to an external subwoofer, allowing frequencies from a low to high-band spectrum to play harmoniously.

Superior Sound Definition Anywhere in the Room

Superior Sound Definition
Anywhere in the Room

SKYWORTH AUDIO GLASS SOUND is a new type of acoustics technology introduced by SKYWORTH. It uses a whole sheet of glass as the diaphragm and distributes several electromagnetic drivers evenly across the glass, causing it to vibrate and produce sounds. Sound waves are produced by the entire surface rather than at individual points. This shift ensures a clear sound transmission and an evenly distributed sound field. The technology reproduces the sounds of live scenes so that users can enjoy the best sound experience anywhere in the room.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Glass Materials

Glass selection and thickness is key to this technology. For instance, for SKYWORTH W92, the first model that features SKYWORTH AUDIO GLASS SOUND, SKYWORTH carefully screened and selected a renowned supplier based on the overall product structure, to provide 0.7mm thick double-sided tempered glass to pursue the perfect balance of sound pressure level and frequency.
Why is it 0.7mm? If it is too thin, there will be a lack of strength and the glass can easily deform, causing a distortion in the sound quality. On the contrary, if it is too thick, the glass will not be able to transmit the sound effectively, resulting in a lower sound pressure and insufficient treble bandwidth.

From Static to Levitating, Delivering a Deeper Bass

Meanwhile, to optimize the performance of the bass sound, Microporous and Soft Polyurethane Foam Elastomer has been added in between the electromagnetic drivers and vibrating glass, creating a better shock absorption and buffering effect for longer vibration strokes and increased sound pressure to make the low bass deeper*.
(*SKYWORTH AUDIO GLASS SOUND may slightly differ in each model. Please refer to the actual product.)

Maximizing the potential of sound effects

To present perfect live sound effects with SKYWORTH AUDIO and Dolby Atmos, SKYWORTH developed SKYWORTH AUDIO SPEAKER SYSTEM, our “best hardware system solution” based on the acoustic index characteristics for sound effects. The audio system forms on flat and sky sound channels, and has passed a stringent speaker selection process, including acoustic simulation experiments and multiple rounds of debugging, testing, subjective audition, as well as re-debugging again by the SKYWORTH GoldenEar tuning team, to deliver the most realistic and immersive 3D sound effects.