Interactive Experience
Beyond Vision

SKYWORTH AI Entertainment TV

High light intake pop-up AI camera
JBL professionally tuned front-end audio
AI entertainment applications

Story of The Reef

There was a reef on the horizon between land and ocean. It stood strong with grace regardless of the forceful waves and blazing sunshine.
The G71 embodies the spirit of this reef as it symbolizes maturity, stability, reliability and perseverance.

Twilight Lime Decorative TrimREAD MORE

The "twilight lime" color used on the decorative trim is subtle yet stylish. The two micro-arcs are staggered to form an elongated border, allowing the width of the side frame to appear narrower. The polished and oxidized surface conveys calmness and exudes sophistication.

JBL professionally tuned front-end audio system with linen grill cloth designed by SKYWORTHREAD MORE

Two types of silk thread with different gray scales are woven harmoniously across the front and back of the speaker to provide a sense of layering. The front and back weaving techniques offer a more dense and dynamic surface texture.

AI breathing lightREAD MORE

The AI voice recognition feature enables you to control the TV and all connected appliances at home. The "breathing light" effect allows you to experience the machine's personality. The minimalistic rounded square shape also gives the impression of being stable and dynamic.

Exquisite Texture
Design and FashionableREAD MORE

The texture of the rear case draws inspiration from the weaving style used by fashion brand. Etching is used to embody the sense of quality and highlight the matte texture, displaying the delicate details of the product with care.

USB Port on the sideREAD MORE

The G71's careful design is also reflected in the details. A USB port on the side is purposefully designed to be easily accessible.1

Bezel-less ScreenREAD MORE

Using the GOP technique, circuits originally placed on either side of the screen were hidden to achieve an ultra-high screen to border ratio, providing for an optimal viewing experience.

One-Line-Design BaseREAD MORE

The no. 320 ultra-slender brushed metal base panel emulates a horizon and provides balance to the main body of the TV. From a mechanical point of view, the base effectively stabilizes the screen to ensure your safety.2

High light intake pop-up AI camera

The camera can automatically tilt at angles from 5 ° to 14 °

The G71's pop-up AI camera can automatically tilt at angles from 5 ° to 14 °, adjusting in response to where you are sitting or standing – capturing every moment. Equipped with industry grade high light intake CMOS and an enlarged pixel size, the camera can clearly capture the image even in low light environment. The blue glass infrared cut filter covers the CMOS and prevents overexposure and eliminate glare. The built-in ISP image signal processor also supports 3D noise reduction, resulting in a sharper quality and higher clarity.

Camera tilting angle

From 5° - 14°


High-definition video call

The new video calling function delivers a clearer and smoother experience on both TVs and smartphones so you can be instantly connected.

myShape SKYWORTH AI Customized Version

The camera can accurately identify follow your movements during sporting activities, giving you scores and suggesting corrections in real-time, allowing you to become a fitness master.

Somatosensory games

With the AR-based somatosensory games powered by the camera, you can enjoy a more immersive experience when it comes to gaming and working out.

Family Portrait 3.0

Let Xiaowei help you take a great family picture. Supporting voice and gesture control, you can use your mobile phone to scan the QR code and easily save or print photos – capturing the best moments forever.

Cast and compare in spit screens

Spliting the TV into two screens to allow users casting their mobile phone on one side while seeing themselves through the built-in camera on the other side. During exercise, users can compare and adjust their postures based on the demostrations given by the virtual trainer.

Cloud video conferences

Users will be able to view both their and the speaker's camera views on the screen4. It also supports functions such as conference screen recording and screen sharing among participants, making every meeting more convenient and efficient.

  • High-definition
    video call
  • myShape SKYWORTH
    AI Customized Version
  • Somatosensory
  • Family Portrait 3.0
  • Cast and compare
    in spit screens
  • Cloud video conferences

Screencasting with just a touch

With NFC technology, users can cast their mobile screens to G71 by simply placing the phone on the SKYWORTH INSTANT5 sticker which can be pasted on any surface. Once the screen is mirrored, users can still operate their mobile phones simultaneously or even switch off the screen without interrupting the screencasting on G71.

The Sports Artifact

Dive straight into the action as soon as you switch on the TV

G71 is a Sports Artifact with the MEMC technology – which clearly captures every motion and every moment. The sports mode powered by AI algorithm elevates the picture details and bring the audience closer to the real game. Users can also enjoy the game at night with the Bluetooth headset6 at nighttime without worrying they will disturb their family.



Adaptable Bluetooth Headset

Kid Mode

Kid Mode with
eye protection functions

Coocaa's education resources covers curriculums from kindergarten to high school as well as well-known e-learning platforms such as Xueersi, Yuanfudao, BBK, Read Boy, VIPKID, etc. Users can project the courses to the TV with mobile phones whilst exploring online teaching materials on the big screen. Parents can enjoy peace of mind, as the Kid Mode can filter and recommend contents to children based on their gender and age, parents can set the watching duration, and there is optical blue light protection pioneered by SKYWORTH Eye Technology.

Coocaa's education resourcces


Kid Mode

Optical Blue Light Protection

Elderly Friendly

Elderly-friendly design with remote control function

Elderly Friendly supports far-field voice control (in Mandarin and multiple dialects), allowing the elderly to control the TV without the need of using an actual remote. With the Remote Assistance Function7, users can remotely assist the elderlies to control the TV at home with their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

Far-field Voice Control

Dialect Recognition

Remote Assistance

Happy Family

Family-friendly Design

Distance does not matter to family. The concept of G71 is to bring family closer – users can use their mobile phones to leave messages to family anytime, anywhere and the TV will then show notifications to them in real time. The design details of G71 also elevates the overall user experience - a USB Port8 on the side allow users to conveniently connect other devices to the TV in a fashionably way.

Message board

USB port on the side


The commander
of your home

G71 can control Swaiot Smart Devices in far-field voice whether it is switched on or operating on AI standby mode. It also offers users various daily life applications powered by the internet in real time and serves as the smart home butler for users.

The personal voice assistant
that understands you

The G71 has upgraded the far-field voice control function, allowing it to recognize your age range and gender through your voice to offer you personalized content recommendations. The personal voice assistant of G71 will be on standby for a short period of time once activated via voice control, making human dialogue more simple and natural whilst offering ease of use, particularly for the elderly, as it recognizes Mandarin and many other dialects.

Far-field Voice Control

Voiceprint Recognition

Full-duplex Continued Conversation9

Dialect Recognition

“Xiaowei xiaowei, what’s
weather forecast?”
“Will it be foggy?
Do I
need to wear a face mask?”
“I’d like to watch the
“Turn on the air
Works with  

Portable Smart Screen

With Swaiot PANEL10, you can synchronize the TV UI interface and contents on the G71, as well as control the TV at your fingertips. In addition, the AIoT capabilities provided by G71 can be also run on Swaiot PANEL, providing an unprecedented “Mobile Swaiot Experience”.

Original custom audio system - unleashing the best sound quality

SKYWORTH and JBL, the world's leading audio equipment manufacturer, have come together to bring JBL's profound audio system to the G71. The joint SKYWORTH and JBL logo on the G71 represents their collaboration.

Front speaker

Masterful audio engineering with supreme sound quality

The G71 adopts the front-out speaker design to achieve synchronization between sound and picture. The Kevlar bulletproof diaphragm material provides clear sound with low-distortion. In addition, the high-frequency quality speaker produces a delicate and soft treble.

Immersive sound experience

SoC supports Dolby Atmos format decoding and with algorithm modeling to achieve Dolby Atmos sound effects.
With realistic surround sound, you will be taken on an immersive journey.

Mesmerizing visual enhancement

Dolby Vision is a higher-end HDR technology that brings spectacular brightness, clear shadow details and stunning colors.

Astonishing picture quality

SKYVISION image engine uses AI algorithms to improve picture quality in real-time across five dimensions - contrast, sharpness, color, motion and noise reduction.



Auto Color Management


Noise Reduction

High-performance configuration

Large-capacity memory storage
and high-speed experience

Practical hardware configuration is the basis of any excellent TV. The G71's high-performance SoC uses a hybrid quad-core architecture, with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage memory. The G71 offers you an efficient and functional experience.

Product Specifications
  • Design
  • 65“

    Metal bezel
    Central stand
    Two strengthening support strips at the back

  • 55“

    Plastic bezel
    Stands on two sides
    Three strengthening support
    strips at the back
    USB port on the side

  • TV Model
  • G71

  • Screen size (inch)
  • 65“

    Dimension of TV (with stand)

    Dimension of TV (without stand)

    Thickness of TV
    Standard thickness76.5mm
    Thinnest point9.9mm

  • 55“

    Dimension of TV (with stand)

    Dimension of TV (without stand)

    Thickness of TV
    Standard thickness75.5mm
    Thinnest point9.5mm

  • *Actual dimensions may be different based on set-up, craftsmanship and measurement methods.

  • Weight
  • 65“

    Set weight with stand

    Set weight without stand

  • 55“

    Set weight with stand

    Set weight without stand

  • *Actual dimensions vary depending on configuration manufacturing process, and measurement method.

  • body color
  • Twilight Lime

  • Category
  • AI Entertainment TV

  • Screen resolution
  • Resolution

    Viewing angle

    Screen type

  • 3840*2160


    Hard screen

  • Processor
  • CPU

    3D graphics

  • Cortex-A73*2+A53*2


  • Far-field voice control
  • Voice control is more convenient without remote

    Voiceprint recognition makes the intelligence interaction more interesting

  • Multi-screen interactive
  • SKYWORTH INSTANT, Airplay, Miracast, DLNA

  • Smart hardware
  • Vertically Adjustable AI Camera

    Eye protection light adjustment

  • Digital TV
  • Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast (DTMB)

  • Operation system
  • Coocaa AI system

  • Storage
  • RAM



  • 2GB/16Gb DDR4

    32GB/256Gb eMMC flash memory

    *The system software takes up some space,
    thus the available memory capacity is less than this value.

    Support 2T USB

  • Eye care mode
  • Optical blue light protection

  • Picture configuration
  • SKY VISION graphic engine


  • Speakers
  • JBL black label front-end audio

    Kevlar diaphragm

  • Audio configuration
  • DTS decoding

    DOLBY decoding (DD+)

    Dolby Atmos sound system

  • Video configuration
  • HDR decoding

    4K decoding

  • Dolby Vision,HDR10


  • Wireless transmission
  • Dual-band WiFi(802.11a/b/g/n/ac)2.4G/5G


    Wi-Fi Direct

    Bluetooth 5.0

  • 4K transmission
  • 4K HDMI 2.0

    4K USB 2.0

  • Energy-saving system
  • UGS energy-saving system Store away

Store away


  1. 1.The description on this page applies to 55G71.
  2. 2.The description on this page applies to 65G71.
  3. 3.Some of the above functions will require further updates.
  4. 4.Your video screen and that of the current speaker are shown simultaneously on the TV screen.
  5. 5.SKYWORTH INSTANT only supports specific phone models, please consult and confirm before purchasing.
  6. 6.Bluetooth headset needs to be purchased separately.
  7. 7.Function enabled via subsequent software upgrade.
  8. 8.55 '' features a USB port on side.
  9. 9.Pecific applications are capable of supporting full-duplex continued conversation.
  10. 10.There are slightly different between SKYWORTH G71 55-inch and 65-inch, SKYWORTH G71 65-inch shows on this page.
  11. *The images on this page are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.