Experiencing the 8K world with a simple click

Reality is Within Reach with 8K

8K resolution is four times higher than 4K, offering image quality that rivals reality. The Q91 supports 120FPS 8K for a smoother picture.

8K All the Way

Reality, Realized

From content access to SoC decoding, image signal processing to display quality, the Q91 has truly achieved "8K all the way," giving you a real 8K experience.


Wide Viewing Angle IPS

IPS (In-Plane Switching) arranges liquid crystal molecules horizontally, offering wider viewing angles, faster response and more. Compared to vertical alignment, the IPS touchscreen prevents afterimages and flickers1 for more stable image quality.

8K SoC

Top-notch Configuration, Smooth Decoding

Q91 is equipped with flagship SoC MediaTek S900, supports 8K hardware decoding up to 60FPS, and is compatible with more 8K formats. The quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU and 8.5GB of RAM make it one of the fastest 8K TVs in the world.

60FPS 8K decoding

Quad-core A73


128GB storage

8K AI Image Processing Engine

Clearer Vision

Distorted images can be restored using AI analysis and comparison with an 8K image database. Lower resolution videos can be modified in real-time to closer-to-8K resolution using AI technology.

Smoother 8K

MEMC (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation) technology improves the smoothness of videos by upgrading them to 120FPS in real-time.

APU Real-time AI Picture Optimization

The Q91 has a built-in APU responsible for 8K image signal processing. Its strong computing power supports real-time AI processing to enhance contrast and color and optimize the 8K picture quality.

120FPS 8K MEMC Image Stabilizer

3D LUT Movie Mode

Colorful ACM

Depth-bit Precision Contour Smoothing (DPCS)

Noise Reduction (NR)

SR Superb Clarity


AI scene recognition PRO

AI Skin Tone Adjustment

AI Scene Adaptation

8K Content

Richer 8K Resources

SKYWORTH is partnering with 4KGarden, 8K Pixel Luna and others to build its exclusive 8K content catalogue.

Immersive 3D Surround Sound

The SoC supports Dolby Atmos 2.1.2 audio decoding and assigns audio to corresponding channels for 2.1.2 playback. The soundbar and 5.8G wireless subwoofer work together to create stereo sound effects.

More Accurate Acoustics from Above

Soundwaves of "Wonder Audio Sky Echo" move upwards and echo precisely into the viewer's ears. The HiFi passive filter can improve the directivity of the top sound field which creates realistic sound effects from above.

See the wonders of reality

Dolby Vision brings a more vivid image quality with enhanced brightness, clear shadow details and vibrant colors through advanced high dynamic range (HDR). Together with the breathtaking sound of Dolby Atmos, viewers can indulge themselves in an immersive visual and audio experience at home.

Big theater screen that brings you closer

SKYWORTH's Filmscreen redefines optimal viewing distances, enabling a pleasant experience watching the 75-inch Filmscreen as close as 2.5 meters away. The Q91 makes breakthroughs in comfort, clarity, immersion and health, marking a significant milestone for SKYWORTH's filmscreen experience.

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5 4 3 2 1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 9 8 7 6 5


viewing distance


AI scenario self-adaptation
AIEQ Smart Equalizer


8K & 8K AI Image Processing Engine
Dolby Vision
576-zone LED Backlight


75-inch suspended bezel-less screen
178° wide view IPS
Second generation LAP large color gamut screen
Dobly Atoms 2.1.2


Anti-blue light technology
auto-adjusting backlight brightness

Pop-up AI Camera

Start the TV Social Era 2.0

The Q91 has a built-in2, second-generation, pop-up 12MP AI camera, SONY's flagship configuration of sensor and independent image signal processing (ISP) chip, and an F1.8 aperture with a 1.4μm single-pixel sensor, enabling quality photos to be taken in dim light. It also supports faster autofocus and clearer motion capture.

“myShape” SKYWORTH AI Customized Edition

Video Chat

Large Screen Photography

Motion Sensing Games

Face Recognition

Smart Scene Detection


Technolgy for a Smarter Life

Regardless of whether it is switched on or standby, the Q91 can remotely voice-control Swaiot smart appliances and infrared-enabled home appliances, while connecting to a range of e-services at any time. It is your smart housekeeper.

Coocaa OS 7.9

Small Features, Big Value

The brand new Coocaa OS 7.9 boasts a series of practical functions. Every small step of the Coocaa OS is a giant leap in value for its users.

Craftsmanship with Exquisite Taste

Only when one frees the mind in the pursuit of quality, can they let go of old things of the past. It is important to search for quality in life, in the fast-paced Internet era.

suspended bezel-less screen

Hidden Power Cord Base


When a master craftsman tailors a delicate suit and embeds his experience and understanding into it, the customer feels this passion and spirit each time they put on the suit. We make our products in a similar way. Our carefully designed 8K TV exudes sophistication with bronze-colored lines fashioned into the navy blue exterior. It radiates elegance with the finest attention to detail that showcases our passion for design.

Integrated screwless rear case

“Navy Blue” Color Available

  • Model
  • 75Q91

  • Category
  • 8K IPS LED

  • Panel
  • Resolution

    View Angle

    Panel Type

    Gamut Technology

    Backlight Technology

  • 7680*4320




    576 Local Dimming Zones

  • Processor
  • Cortex-A73*4

  • Interaction
  • AI System

    Support Far-Field Speech +AI Camera

  • Multi-Screen
  • Airplay、Miracast、DLNA

  • DTV
  • DTMB

  • OS
  • CooCaa AI OS

  • Storage
  • DDR



  • 8.5GB/68Gb DDR4

    128GB/1024Gb eMMC

    Support 2T USB

  • Eyes Protection
  • Blue-Ray Prevention

  • Graphic Pro.
  • 8K MEMC Chip

    8K AI Picture Quality Engine

    Local Dimming

  • Stereo Equipment
  • Dolby ATMOS 2.1.2

  • Audio Pro.
  • DTS Dec.

    DOLBY Dec.(DD+)

    Support Dolby Atmos

  • Video Pro.
  • HDR Dec.

    8K Dec.

  • Dolby Vision、HDR10


  • Wireless Tran.
  • Wi-Fi(802.11a/b/g/n/ac) 2.4G/5G


    Bluetooth 5.0

    Smart Antenna

  • 8K Tran.
  • 8K HDMI 2.1

    8K USB 3.0

  • Energy
  • UGS Energy Saver

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  1. Do not touch and press on the TV screen.
  2. Some of the cameras functions shown on the website are only available after system update.

*Images shown on the website are for reference only, they might be different from the actual products.