• Immersive Viewing Experience
  • Delightful Gaming Experience
  • TrensAI

A Breakthrough in
Softness and Strength

SKYWORTH W82 transformable TV, a revolutionary product in the history of OLED development, breaks the boundaries of traditional TVs with its innovative design and advanced shape transformation technology.

Inspired by the curves of the moon, the screen transforms its shape with ease, moving from a flatscreen TV and flexing to a curved screen depending on your viewing mode, creating an all-new TV experience for everyone to enjoy.

SKYWORTH OBM Transform ™

The Art of the Transformable Screen

SKYWORTH OBM ™ Transform|Electric Bending Mechanism|Fish-Scale Shaped Telescopic Rear Shell|1000R Smart Bending Adjustment¹

Electric Bending Mechanism
Fish-Scale Shaped Telescopic Rear Shell
1000R Smart Bending Adjustment¹

Thanks to the exclusive SKYWORTH OBM Transform technology, SKYWORTH W82 is made of a 4K OLED flexible glass, high-tension and high-yield-strength backplane materials, which enables the flexibility of the screen without sacrificing its solid foundation. The fully automated lamination technology eliminates displacement issues of the glass and the backplane as the screen transforms its shape.

Made of anodized high-precision aluminum with a one-piece bending technique, the middle frame fits and attaches nicely with the screen, presenting a flexible screen equipped with SKYWORTH OBM ™ Transform. An electric bending mechanism allows the transformable screen to perform flexing and bending movements.

1000R Smart Bending Adjustment¹

More Immersed in Viewing and Gaming Mode

The transformable OLED screen is equipped with 1000R smart bending technology, enabling the TV to adjust its curvature according to the best audience viewing distance of 3.5m to 1m. It also recommends the viewing curvature of 2000R in the movie viewing mode and 1500R in the gaming mode, combined with exceptional sound and picture quality. The curved screen delivers pictures with a deeper depth of field, creating an extra immersive audio and visual experience.



Maximized Curvature


Game Curvature


Viewing Curvature

Multi-user Viewing Experience

12MP High Light Intake PTZ AI Camera

Experience Wonderful Quality in Static and Moving Pictures

SKYWORTH W82 is equipped with a 12-million-pixel high light intake PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) AI camera. It adopts the industry-grade high light intake CMOS, a large pixel area of 1.55μm*1.55μm, and a large aperture of F2.0, to enable a clear image formation even in dim areas.

Meanwhile, the PTZ camera can perform real-time human tracking with 3-axis automatic rotation angle adjustment (30 degrees of horizontal rotation each side, 60 degrees of vertical rotation upwards and 14 degrees downwards), presenting a full-angle tracking shot function and bringing a wide viewing angle that allows users to experience wonderful quality in both static and moving pictures.

99.22% Ultra-high Screen-to-body ratio²

Bezel-less Screen

A brand-new fully automatic laminating technology has been adopted to produce bezel-less screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 99.22%. By getting rid of the frame, SKYWORTH W82 allows users to immerse themselves in a borderless visual experience.

Fish-Scale Shaped
Telescopic Rear Shell

The Beauty of Precision Craftmanship

The rear shell of the television is made of 37 pieces of fish-scale shaped telescopic shell pieces. Each piece has a dimensional accuracy within +/-0.05 mm, allowing the entire screen to be stretched and transformed to its curved and flat forms freely, solving the problem of displacement of the rear shell and the screen while the TV is flexing.

SKYWORTH W82 is the first true OLED transformable TV by SKYWORTH, only achievable with SKYWORTH OBM Transform at present.

The rear shell of the television is made of 37 pieces of fish-scale shaped telescopic shell pieces. Each piece has a dimensional accuracy within +/-0.05 mm, allowing the entire screen to be stretched and transformed to its curved and flat forms freely, solving the problem of displacement of the rear shell and the screen while the TV is flexing.

SKYWORTH W82 is the first true OLED transformable TV by SKYWORTH, only achievable with SKYWORTH OBM ™ Transform at present.

Powerful Sound and Stunning Audio

SKYWORTH AUDIO DRUM™ features a built-in subwoofer that produces stunning low pitches, and a built-in dual bass speaker which reaches a total power of up to 40W. The subwoofer has a large cavity of a 1L net volume, and features Nd-Fe-B, a permanent magnet with a high magnetic energy in which the frequency can reach as low as 50Hz.

Aerospace-grade High
Gloss Aluminum TV Base

Elevating the Elegance
of Your Living Room

The automatic rotating metal base is only 8mm thick and is made of aerospace-grade high gloss aluminum, which is pressed by machines with a clamping force of up to 3000T. After high-precision CNC machining and fine grinding, the metal base obtains a mirror effect, whilst the 320# ultra-thin wire drawing creates a delicate texture for the base, bringing a sense of elegance to your living room.

Redefining the Viewing Experience

Follow Your Heart Flex It Your Way

Follow your heart and flex the transformable OLED screen as you like. Acting as a flat-screen TV when there are multiple viewers, the TV can be easily transformed into a curved-screen TV when friends and family are over. When users switch to the viewing mode with just a click on the remote control, the TV will simultaneously be transformed to the recommended viewing curvature of 2000R, while preventing the picture from getting distorted. Users will not get tired easily as they are always watching at the best position, whilst the deep depth of field creates an immersive experience.

SKYWORTH OBM ™ Transform and Bendable Dual-mode OLED Screen

OLED Picture Quality with Supreme Clarity

The bendable dual-mode OLED screen, made with our exclusive SKYWORTH OBM Transform, supports a high picture quality of 4K 120Hz. It delivers a pure black color along with more natural and realistic colors, as well as presenting superior picture effects such as image contrast, multiple viewing angles, motion image and more.
Supported by a curved screen material library and a deep depth-of-field, the picture quality is further optimized to create a superior and immersive viewing experience when it is transformed to its curved form.

  • Around 10,000,000:1

    Extraordinary Contrast Ratio

  • 1000nit

    Optimal Brightness

  • 10bit

    Color Depth Presenting over 1 Billion Colors

  • 1ms

    Quick Response Time

  • 178°

    Wide Viewing Angle

  • 99% DCI-P3 95% NTSC

    Movie-level Wide Color Gamut

Non-Afterimage Technology

Trustworthy Technology Backed by Many Years of Expertise and User Recognition

SKYWORTH W82 is equipped with SKYWORTH's SOBiF non-afterimage technology, which is upgraded to tailor to the curved TV screen specifically. Its ten key sub-technologies reduce the chance of encountering afterimages during daily use to almost zero. SKYWORTH launched the first mass-produced OLED TV in China in 2013 and has received strong praise and acclaim from users over the last many years, which attests to the superior quality of SKYWORTH TVs.

  • OFFRS Function
  • TPC Static Image
    Brightness Adjustment
  • OLED Compensation
  • Video Local Brightness
    Intelligent Adjustment
  • OverScan Pixels
  • OLED Tailored Dynamic
    Screen Protectors
  • OLED Specific UI
    Design Standard
  • OSD Brightness Control
  • Digital On-screen Graphic Recognition and Processing
  • LEA Technology for On-screen Corner Graphic
    Detection and Adjustment
  • OLED Compensation
With SOBiF Non-afterimage Technology
Without SOBiF Non-afterimage Technology

Processing Technology by SKYWORTH

SKYWORTH W82 is equipped with SKYWORTH AI PICTURE QUALITY ENGINE™ 4K Version. By searching, identifying, and re-structuring pictures with AI technology, the W82 optimizes picture quality in real time. The flagship SoC has an APU, which manages picture signal processing. Running at a powerful 1.6 TOPS, the APU supports a wide array of AI functions to enhance picture quality, including facial recognition and scene detection, scene recognition accuracy, decision-making mechanism in compound scenarios, control parameter optimization and much more. It also optimizes color saturation, brightness, sharpness, and motion vector compensation.

ACM Auto Color Management

A More Natural Color

SR Super Resolution

Enhance Visuals with Lower Resolution to 8K Level

Scenario-based AI Picture
Quality Optimization

Smart Optimization of Picture Quality via Identification of Human Faces and Scenarios


Enhance Lower Frame
Rates to 120 FPS

AI HDR Boost

Capable of Doubling the Optimal Brightness of the Screen Partially⁴

AI Picture
Quality Engine

3D LUT Function ⁵

Delivering True-to-life Colors

SKYWORTH W82 supports 3D LUT function, which effectively shapes and fine-tunes color, saturation and brightness with multidimensional color space mapping. The 1D LUT, 3D LUT and the 20-point white balance together brings about △E 0.98 color accuracy. SKYWORTH W82 can reproduce pictures at a broadcast monitor level, delivering a true-to-life view of film sets to bring the creator's vision to life in living rooms around the world.

△E 0.98

Industry Standard Color Accuracy

With 3D LUT

True-to-life Visuals

SKYWORTH W82 supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, which delivers stunning bright highlights, detailed shadows, and vibrant colors to vividly present entertainment content for users. Coupled with the videos in Dolby format on the COOCAA OS, users can enjoy an immersive and true-to-life cinematic experience.


Top-Notch Audiovisual Experience

SoC supports Dolby Atmos format decoding supported by a special algorithm to SKYWORTH W82, which brings users a truly immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience. An independent power amplifier is featured to produce stunning low-frequency and double bass sound using bass radiation enhancement technology. The main speaker has a volume cavity of up to 0.4L that can produce a powerful and strong bass. Utilizing Ferrofluid to liquid cool the voice coils of the built-in tweeters with silk film dome, they create amazingly delicate treble sounds, bringing audiences a truly cinematic audiovisual experience.

SKYWORTH ALS Ambient Light Sensor™

Protector of Good Vision

SKYWORTH W82's built-in Ambient Light Sensor can tune the brightness and color temperature of the TV screen in real time according to the brightness and color temperature of the external environment. This prevents the screen from being too dazzling or too dimmed, ensuring the pictures on screen and the external environment are in harmony with one another, creating a more comfortable viewing experience for users.

High-Speed Transmission Ensures Smoothness

With the latest built-in Wi-Fi 6 hardware, the speed of the SKYWORTH W82 can reach 9.6Gbps, which is 2.7 times higher than the previous Wi-Fi standard. This ensures users can seamlessly access the 4K 120FPS and 8K 60FPS network and videos without any content freezing or long loading time issues.



Deeper Depth of Field Transforms Into
Delightful Gaming Experience

SKYWORTH W82 is the latest model under the professional SKYWORTH GAMING GADGETS range. By connecting an external gaming console via HDMI or projecting games from your smartphone onto the TV, the screen will automatically adjust itself to the recommended gaming curvature of 1500R once gaming mode is activated. It brings a deeper depth-of-field that is more realistic, making the gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable.

4K 120Hz Gaming Screen

The Real Joy in Gaming
with a Curved Screen

SKYWORTH W82 easily connects to gaming consoles and can run 4K 120Hz games through HDMI 2.1, enabling 4K 120Hz game input support from the port to the SoC, and to the screen. The W82 is well-equipped to support next generation 4K 120Hz games. Latency is further reduced as the OLED self-luminous screen has a quick response time at 1ms and the HDMI 2.1 port has ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) built in.

Move the mouse to see the effect

Crystal Motion OLED⁶

240Hz Seamless Experience

SKYWORTH's superior Crystal Motion OLED (CMO)
technology can perform video frame interpolation on a 120Hz screen, delivering seamless picture quality as if the refresh rate is at 240Hz, without compromising on screen brightness.

Real VRR All the Way

Frame Rate Adaption Eradicates Freezing and Stuttering

The W82 supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) all the way from the port to the SoC, and to the
screen. By connecting to a gaming console via HDMI 2.1, the screen refresh rate adapts to the
inputted frame rate in real time. This guarantees the ideal frame rate in different gaming scenarios,
and thus, effectively reduces image stuttering and freezing.

Without VRR
Real VRR all the way
Gaming Mode

10ms Reduced Latency

The gaming mode of the W82 is designed exclusively for gamers, which reduces latency by minimizing the time needed for picture quality processing. With the HDMI 2.1 port, it can achieve a 10ms Reduced latency, giving users a smooth experience to perform better during gameplay.

MediaTek S900: A Powerful Chipset

Powerful Processing Capability that Eradicates Freezing

SKYWORTH W82 is equipped with MediaTek S900, the industry's most powerful flagship TV SoC. The SoC adopts a low-power-consuming 12FFC technology, which helps to strike a balance between efficiency and low power consumption. Using a quad-core A73 cluster with 8.5GB of RAM, W82 delivers a smooth and seamless experience to users.

Quad-core A73 | 12nm process | 8.5GB RAM | 128GB ROM
1.6 TOPS Independent APU |
4K 120FPS and 8K 60FPS Decoding

Always Understand your Preferences

The latest TrensAI™ equipped inside SKYWORTH W82 enables bilateral audio and visual interactions. It is a smart home assistant that is on standby 24/7 and can give users real-time and intelligent responses.

  • Appearance
  • 65"

    Transformable OLED

  • Body Color
  • Textured Grey

  • Recommended Viewing
  • The best audience viewing distance for flat-screen TV is 3.5m to 1m

    The best audience viewing distance for curved-screen TV is 3.5m above

  • Category
  • OLED

  • Screen
  • Resolution

    Refresh Rate

    Refresh Method

    Screen Ratio

    Maximum Viewing Angle

  • 3840 x 2160


    Progressive Scanning



  • CPU
  • CPU


  • MediaTek S900

    MaliG52 MC2

  • Picture
  • HDR

    Dolby vision


    Healthy Eye Protection

  • HDR-10



    SKYWORTH ALS Ambient Light Sensor™

  • Speaker
    and Sound
  • Decoding / Sound

    Surround Sound

    Optical Audio Port

  • Atmos sound effects Dolby/DTS Double Decoding



  • Far-field
  • Smart interactions in all scenarios to meet every single need

    No remote control needed, more convenient voice control

    Supports voiceprint identification, making human and smart device interactions more interesting

  • Multi-screen Interaction
  • Airplay,Miracast,DLNA

  • Smart
  • 12MP High Light Intake Pop-up AI Camera

  • Operating
  • COOCAA 8.0 for TV

  • Streaming Platform
  • iQIYI

  • Memory
  • RAM


  • 8.5GB DDR4


  • Wireless Transmission
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax) Dual-band 2.4G/5.8G


    Bluetooth 5.0

  • HDMI
  • HDMI2.1*2+HDMI2.0*1

  • Energy Saving System
  • UGS Energy Saving System

  • Overall Size
  • Width x Height x Depth
    (Without Stand)

    Width x Height x Depth
    (With Stand)

  • 1448 mm x 870 mm x 111 mm

    1448 mm x 919 mm x 285 mm

  • *The actual weight may vary depending on different configuration, manufacturing techniques and measuring method.

  • Weight
  • Set weight without stand

    Set weight with stand

  • 27kg


  • *Actual weight may be different based on set-up, craftsmanship and measurement methods.

Put away


  1. 1. Dynamic radius of curvature >1000R
  2. 2. Screen-to-body ratio up to 99.22% refers to the screen size / front surface area of the TV. The actual screen-to-body ratio may vary due to slight differences in measurements and products. Please refer to the actual product for the actual ratio.
  3. 3. The data on the picture quality is from SKYWORTH's laboratory and the screen suppliers.
  4. 4. "Capable of Doubling the Peak Brightness of the Screen Partially" is supported by data from SKYWORTH's laboratory, Please refer to the actual product for the optimal brightness accuracy.
  5. 5. The color accuracy data for the 3D LUT feature is from SKYWORTH's laboratory. Screen differences may result in slight differences in the color accuracy of different products. Please refer to the actual product for its color accuracy.
  6. 6. The option of enabling the Crystal Motion OLED function is only available when certain external gaming consoles are connected via HDMI. Once switched on, the 120Hz screen is capable of achieving a refresh rate similar to 240Hz screens through video frame interpolation. The Crystal Motion OLED and the VRR (Variable refresh rate) functions cannot be used at the same time.
  7. 7. 10ms level refers to within 100ms. This data is acquired from SKYWORTH's laboratory.
  8. * Images on the whole webpage are for reference only.